Botanist of the University of Ghent

Plant or botanical garden of the University of Ghent deserves to give you some time of our time and it is also free!

A botanical garden of 3ha that opened its doors in this place in 1902 but already existed in another location already more than 100 years before in times of Napoleonic rule ..

Upon entering and crossing the fence with wrought iron bars we find a beautiful collection of camellias and rhododendrons. Do not imagine yourself as I remembered the blog in the hard process of photographing them because two occasions had nested under them and you know how territorial they are and the pecks they hit!

Just in front of a lake and on its bank’s several magnolias, a monumental Ssecuoya prevents us from looking away.

Further on, there appears an area of ​​”useful” plants such as fruit trees, the garden has a slight slope and as we descend we find more squared and established areas as a sample of plants and other more of a landscape cut with winding dirt roads between the trees, plants of orchard … sprinkled several greenhouses with a total of four thousand meters of glass area where they grow from cacti to tropical plants of various types.

To highlight the area of ​​rock plants, Mediterranean plants, medicinal plants…

Up to 10,000 different species of plants can be found in this place. As I say free, quiet, beautiful and interesting and with benches where you can rest or contemplate the place.

And all this a zebra crossing away from the park of the Citadel of Ghent. And if it was that beautiful and spring had not come at all… imagine two months later. Who can resist?

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