Ghent Citadel Park

Today again I propose a visit to Belgium. On the occasion of my visit to this country in March I was able to visit some gardens, some in a premeditated manner. Others by pure chance as is the case today.

Looking at the travel guide, I saw that the train station where I had to get off in Ghent, was a few minutes from this park and the Botanist. so do not hesitate to plan a fleeting walk through these spaces.

The park of the Citadel or Citadelpark is named for having been a Dutch citadel used until the late nineteenth century as an infantry barracks. To pass in the early twentieth century. to make up the current park one of the oldest and largest in the city.

The space located between the Escada and Lys rivers is known by tourists and Gentes. the reason? It is near the station of Saint Pieters, it is close to the university (of its planetarium, its botanical garden), and in the park itself, there are two relevant museums, in addition to being an ideal place to walk and have a picnic in the middle city.

What would stand out of the park? It is an English-style park, winding roads, meadows… to highlight its forest wealth all or practically all with a small sign with his name, many copies of considerable age and size.

Various sculptural elements, pergolas, a “cave” or artificial grotto, lakes with waterfalls imitating stone taking advantage of the unevenness of the land are dotted in the park. I can not say that it is a flat space but of course, the slope is very smooth.

Highlights the forge temple, which unfortunately I have no photo to show you.

The Magnolias were in full swing, I made lots of photos.

And as a curiosity for lovers of history and wars, in the park, there is a bunker that was half-built with the German occupation in World War 2. It was also the place where the Universal Exhibition of 1913 was held.

!!!! Oh! And if it were not enough in the exhibition palace of that place there are exhibitions of the famous Floralies of Ghent, floral exhibitions that every 5 years flood the city of plants of all kinds.

I hope I have encouraged you to visit it and want to show you images of the botanist of the University of Ghent, a very interesting garden at a distance of a crosswalk.

As you see in my photos it was not the best time for the visit but it is certainly a recommended place. Do not miss the continuation of the trip in the botanist of the University of Ghent, you will hallucinate!

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