Jupiter Tree

Lagerstroemia indica is the scientific name of the so-called Jupiter tree, an evergreen tree that produces spectacular blooms.

As I say it is a rounded tree with a moderate development (at least for the region where I live I have not seen large specimens). More than a tree, a bush with a tendency to sprout at the root.

The leaves are bright green and turn yellow and red in autumn with very bright intense tones.

As a curiosity comment on the almost quadrangular shape of its young stems.

It has flowers, pink or white, that occur throughout the summer. These small flowers are grouped in dense inflorescences, being very striking trees in alignments, gardens where we do not need very intense shadows, their moderate growth helps in garden designs of modest dimensions (there are also dwarf varieties) It prefers a sunny location but also resists the semi-shade.

Like in general almost all plants, it prefers a soil rich in neutral or slightly acidic nutrients, well-drained … but it endures several edaphic conditions, although in soils with very basic ph it suffers. Lagerstroemia specimens resist frost and intense heat. They resist pests although we must be aware of fungi and aphids for example.

It also tolerates pruning well although it does not necessarily need it to flourish.

That said a small tree with many qualities.

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