The Viennese butterfly house Schmetterlingshaus

Imagine a winter day in Austria, it is snowing, it is a cold that peels but you walk through a tropical garden and on your arm, an Amazonian butterfly perches like snowflakes on the passers-by you see on the street…

It is a “butterfly garden” in the center of the Austrian capital, attached to the Hofburg Palace. Although the butterfly garden is located in an old greenhouse (there is another twin converted into a restaurant right next to it) it is of recent creation, do not think that Sisi will walk among its plants surrounded by clouds of butterflies, originally these greenhouses as others many throughout Europe served to exhibit exotic specimens, or to stock up flowers for palace acts…

In general, space is distributed as walks between the “jungle” with lush vegetation, waterfalls, decoration imitating downed logs … the immersion effect is quite well achieved. The butterflies roam freely, you can see from the chrysalis phase in an isolated area but when adults emerge they fly to the whole enclosure.

Of course, where there are butterflies there are flowers … so apart from sugary supplements, the greenhouse must have flowers for these beautiful insects. (more than 500 can be admired every year and they will fly among the visitors, perching on us or hiding among the plants … Bypassing the waterfalls or inns next to the ponds

In my case, the day I visited it, there weren’t many flying lepidopters, yet some butterfly landed on us and was fluttering around here all over the greenhouse. While it was November and most of these beings were perched sunbathing near the dome.

And all in wrought iron and art nouveau glass greenhouse, elegance in container and content in perfect combination.

It is not the only butterfly garden in the world, there are bigger and in many places … but on a winter day, it is very comforting to take a walk with that tropical heat with the snow-covered street…

In addition, the center has a classroom Audiovisual and on the day I visited, the person at the box office spoke Spanish.

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